Which registration for my team?

Registration is split into four different categories and three stages


  1. Requiring accommodation (Follow link)
  2. Not requiring accommodation (Follow link)
  3. DSG schools (Follow link)
  4. Independent judges and/or volunteers (Follow link)

What's the difference?

Primarily, different price ranges apply for different groups of participants.

  1. is intended for teams coming from further away, mostly abroad, but also German teams arriving from other areas of the nation, who can't be accommodated privately.
  2. is intended for foreign teams requiring accommodation but have found it elsewhere for various reasons.
  3. is intended for German and/or local teams of the Greater Stuttgart area, which is a national debating cluster. Most members of those teams can go home in the evenings. They also may not require the transportation railpass, given that they are provided by their schools.

Stage 1

  • Non-binding expression of intent of participation. Team cap: 40 teams or deadline of 2nd SEP

Stage 2

  • Submission of delegation info
  • Final billing
  • 50% down payment by 21st SEP
  • Delegate names are imperative for teams requiring visa invitation letters

Stage 3

  • Submission of arrival infos for pickup at Stuttgart airport, train station or bus stations
  • We sadly can't provide pickups from any other town than Stuttgart (e.g. Munich, Frankfurt, Frankfurt-Hahn, Memmingen, Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden...)

The VVS railpass

VVS stands for Verkehrsverbund Stuttgart, basically the Stuttgart transportation authorities. Through their support of handing out extra seven-day passes at a payable fare, we can move everyone through public transport, which is much more feasible than renting busses. The railpass is included for category 1. but can be purchased separately in categories 2. and 3., depending on whether contestants may already own a student pass.

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