EurOpen 2018 
Stage-2 Registration for teams

Contact information

Please enter your intl. phone number through which we can reach you in Germany


Billing information

€ 220 each
€ 220 each, n+1 €190 each, n+2 €170 each, n= # of teams
€ 350 each
€90 surcharge per room
€30 per night per person. Please enter the number you receive by multiplying the number of people times the number of nights needed
50% of this fee are due by 21st SEP 2018. You will receive banking data upon submission as part of the confirmation e-mail.

Team names and delegates

Team 1

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Team 2

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Team 3

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Judge(s) information

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Observer(s) information

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Other information

Any other information we may require from you (e.g. dietary restrictions, medical issues etc...)

Please download and/or print the PDF generated once you submit your data. You will also receive an e-mail with the same content (but not with the PDF!). Both PDF and e-mail will feature the banking details for your payment.

Given the automated nature of said confirmation e-mail, it is worth checking your SPAM folders in case you don't receive it.

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